Managing Your Digital Personal Growth

My top three tips to manage your digital growth, and a FREE Personal Website Template for your new Notion website.

Google search is your new business card. COVID-19 accelerated the growth and adoption of online work and events by years, and it is important to talk about how we manage our time and presence online. In this issue, I give you my top three tips for your digital personal growth.

1️⃣ Personal Website

You need to have a personal website, even if it is just a one-pager with an overview of your work and interests. People (and recruiters) are increasingly searching for your details online, and you need to carve a small space for yourself on the internet that is completely in your control. While it is helpful to have a strong presence on other portals, having your own website guarantees you control over the information and narrative that you put out for your audience to see. I suggest these three no-code website designers (they don’t need you to have any knowledge of coding): Wix, Carrd, and Notion.

I created a Notion one-page Personal Website Template for you to download and set up your own personal portfolio/website in just 15 minutes: Click here to download!

2️⃣ Screentime Management

The COVID lockdowns also meant that the number of hours per day we spend online has skyrocketed. In between work from home, doom-scrolling, binging Netflix, and connecting with our loved ones, the average screentime is higher than ever before. This affects every aspect of our lives, including sleep cycles in specific, and physical and mental health in general.

I have two recommendations to manage your screentime.

One: track and measure the amount of time you spend on screens. My favorite tool for this is RescueTime since it tracks time on all your screens — laptop, tablet, phone, everything. When you measure, you understand the problem better. You identify the extent of the problem, and you can slowly begin making changes to your screentime hygiene.

Two: Have dopamine detoxes at least once a week. When we spend all day on our screens, our brain begins to expect constant stimulation and loses its ability to focus on a single thing. This leads to a range of long-term issues. So once a week (or more) find the time to do a dopamine detox where you shut down all screens.

3️⃣ Social Media Use

I work as a digital consultant, but I’m a big proponent of screentime and social media use control. You might think that makes me a hypocrite. But I think it’s saying something when someone whose livelihood depends on these platforms tells you to be careful with them. I’ve talked about what social media does to our brains, in a previous issue.

Here, I want to give you one more takeaway: If you wish to grow on social media, focus on one platform at a time. Don’t try to grow on multiple platforms at once, mainly because each platform requires a different tone and audience, but also because it is going to exhaust you and deplete your mental reserves. If you wish to grow on Twitter, focus on Twitter for at least 6 months to a year before also adding Instagram to your goals.

These have been my three highlights from the productivity and personal growth space this week. If you liked what you read, connect with me on Twitter and let me know. If someone forwarded this newsletter to you, subscribe to GrowPro Labs here to receive it in your inbox every Monday.

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