How To Be An Incredible Learner

My top three tips to start your lifelong journey of learning, plus a FREE Online Learning Dashboard to track all your annual learning goals.

Learning to learn is the most critical skill in the post-COVID world, where the future is being shaped by new forms of technology and work than ever before. Personally, my life has been characterized by a diverse background and I credit all the interesting doors that have opened for me to my incessant obsession for learning something new each day.

Be a part of this revolution, and embrace the new future.

Learning is the #1 skill you need to learn, and quickly.

How can you be an incredible learner?

❌ I’m not talking about being an ace student, or getting top grades, or winning honors.

✅ I’m talking about gaining mastery over a range of skills that you identify as crucial for your life.

1️⃣ First: Have a wide range.

Treat it as the most crucial step since this will show compounded results in the long term. The way you do this is by consciously making space for serendipity by furiously exploring everything that intrigues you. You’ll find something you love, and over time, with more of your exploration, you’ll be able to make connections other people cannot.

Learning something new each day and having diverse interests that do not intersect at all might be frustrating in the short term since you won’t see immediate results. The only effective solution is to stay curious.

Here’s an actionable tip that’s easy to implement: every time you have a question, don’t rest until you find out the answer. You’ll slowly develop the habit of learning, and you’ll begin developing your repository of knowledge.

2️⃣ Second: Don’t wait for traditional degrees.

Traditional education is dead. COVID has accelerated the move to online learning by at least a decade. What this also means is that colleges are quickly adapting their own education models to compete with online courses.

A traditional college degree or diploma is quickly losing value, and more jobs are now demanding practical experience over degrees. Master the art of finding answers on the internet because everything is out there for you already. There is so much content created by those who have figured it out already. Be open, be curious, be hungry.

3️⃣ Third: Learn from the best in the world.

The teachers of the future will not flaunt a fancy degree. The teachers of the future are creators, builders, and community-shapers. Don’t wait for some fancy credentials to validate your learning. Find those with passion and tenacity, and scrappiness in your favorite fields who can teach all those skills to you and more. For the first time in the history of humankind, we have unlimited barriers to information. It is an incredible time to be alive.

Don’t resist the revolution. Lead it.

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