Morning Pages, Bullet Journaling and Your 2021 Bookshelf

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1️⃣ Practice Morning Pages

This week, I started writing two pages in my journal every morning. I don't follow any template, I don't attempt to structure the writing, and I don't inhibit my mind. I go where my mind takes me, and I record those thoughts on the pages. The experience has been incredibly liberating, and I find my creativity beginning to blossom.

Julia Cameron first wrote about Morning Pages in her book, 'The Artist's Way' as a technique for artists to nurture their creativity. Since then, thousands of people have embraced the technique as a tool for creativity, productivity, and mental wellness. Morning pages now feature as an important component of an ideal morning routine recommended by productivity experts and career coaches.

I had new ideas for projects I was working on right from the first morning in my experience with the technique. Try it out yourself- there is no wrong way of doing it- and tell me about your experience.

2️⃣ Set Up Your 2021 Bullet Journal

I'm in the process of setting up my Bullet Journal for 2021 now. If you have not heard of Bullet Journals, or if you've been considering starting one in 2021, the last week of the year is a great time to check it out. If you are yet to buy a Bullet Journal, here are three recommendations for you:

  1. Archer and Olive: My top recommendation. It has thick pages that make it ideal for all types of pens, so I highly recommend it for artists. They ship worldwide, but the delivery might be expensive and time-consuming.

  2. Amazon Basics: My recommendation for beginners. If you are looking to explore if Bullet Journalling is for you, this would be my top choice. The pages are somewhat bleed-proof, but there is a significant amount of ghosting. Use a ball-point pen or a felt-tip that does not bleed, and you will be okay.

  3. Leuchtturm 1917: This is a gold-standard for all Bullet Journal enthusiasts. Their notebooks follow the original format of Ryder Caroll's book, ‘The Bullet Journal Method’. These are available on their website, and also on Amazon and other retailers.

3️⃣ Design Your 2021 Bookshelf (and your FREE Notion Template!)

Do you have a reading goal for 2021? Here's a tip to make it easy to reach the goal next year: choose your books now! Make a list of the books you wish to read in 2021 before the year begins and track your progress on it through the year. Planning your reading goals this way ensures that you achieve them. You can use Goodreads for this, but I don't recommend it for anything apart from setting your reading goal in the Goodreads Reading Challenge.

⬇️ Here's a Notion Template for your 2021 Bookshelf.

(And here's my 2021 Bookshelf!)

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